Wicked City Girls
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Great Power Equals Great Responsibility...not in our story

Wicked City Girls follows the stories of intoxicatingly intrepid, super powered sirens as they consume the world around them. These badass beauties usher in a wave of vindictive malevolence the likes of which the Earth has never seen. Each ‘immortal’ warrior is on a collision course with destruction as their pre-destined paths begin to converge.

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Hello everyone and welcome to Wicked City Girls!

We're proud to announce the release of


Masquerading as the beautiful Dr. Busty Towers, Judgment Girl infiltrates a top secret military installation to "train" an elite team of soldiers.

Using the Reality Augmentation Chamber (aka "The Rack) Judgment Girl shows the squad that bigger is better and nobody is a match for Judgment Girl.

Led by the feisty Sgt. Tucker, the Tactical Infiltration Team must use their entire arsenal of fighting skills and state-of-the-art weapons to try to survive against the buxom killing machine...


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